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Re: How to use the C++ SDK on windows?

Sun Jun 13, 2021 4:53 am

ndabas wrote:
Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:10 pm
The actual official toochains like the Nordic NRF5 SDK or ESP IDF for NRF5x or ESP32 are very similar to what Raspberry Pi provides for the Pico.
I don't know about the Nordic but that's why the platformio/ESP32 combination is so popular, mitigating the 'tool-chain' hassle.

As for other vendors, ST and NPX do provide a single install IDE + tools, and I think TI as well.

>> . That leaves CMake, which again is very popular these days, and not difficult to install on any platform at all.

The way you describe it, installation should be a breathe ;-) My personal experience is very different.

The RP2040 is brilliant and a great value (e.g. compare to STM32 F4), its' C++ API is excellent (a single level of abstraction 'for adults' that goes directly to the registers, vs other ARM multi level confusing abstractions) and the documentation is detailed and clear. If only the Windows installation would follow that level of product excellence. ;-)

Raspberry Pi, since you are recommending third party Windows installation setups, have you consider recommending also VsCode/PlatformIO with the WizIO environment? It's significantly easier to install and actually work (e.g the build/upload/run/debug button).

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Re: How to use the C++ SDK on windows?

Sun Jun 13, 2021 8:45 pm

Okay, let's try to break this down @zapta:

- It seems you tried and succeeded at installing the toolchain based on the logs you posted earlier. Was there an issue in doing so?
- The second issue you had was trying to build some of the examples, which failed because you were not doing so from a top-level directory. Did you expect a) a clearer error message in that case or b) the system should have worked in a more fool-proof manner?
- The last thing I can gather is that the 'play' button did not work as expected in Visual Studio Code.

Was there anything else? Had these things 'worked' per your expectations, would you have been happy even installing the bits and pieces of the toolchain?

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