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USB PTP Camera Control Support?

Fri Jun 18, 2021 8:03 am


Has anyone looked into or know how to achieve PTP camera control with the Pico? Lots of interesting applications where you can interface with an old DSLR or new Mirrorless cameras.

USB PTP is such an old and outdated control protocol ( IMO ) but given it is the only standard manufacturer's can work with I don't blame them.

There's one existing library for an Arduino USB host shields and the like but these come off as deprecated and abandoned:

Would be nice to get something ported/working on the Pico seeing as it is picking up adoption pretty quickly.

Even a simple example to initiate a still photo capture ( trigger the shutter ) or start/stop a video recording.

I haven't worked with USB Host before, so I'm unsure of what pieces are required to make this happen or what other aspects of the Pico's USB Host capabilities need more maturation before PTP library could be done?

Either way, thought if anything it this could be a thread to facilitate the discussion of this topic.
-Csaba Nagy

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