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rpi-4 4 Gb of ram usb`s may be fixed some extent..and or..

Thu Nov 07, 2019 7:53 pm

it could be that i am using 1Gb of ram for some applets..causing the fix,,??

i have the 4 gig of ram working as well as ..2 gig of swap mem..
i dont know if enabling the swap mem has dropped the primary ram down to 2Gb...???
.. both usb 3 ports and usb 2 ports as far as i can tell
i have devices working on both

they must have fixed or sort of fixed some thing ...i have been running the c-line updater for the past 24 hours approx every hour

quite a few updates have come down...

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[email protected]:~$ free -t
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:        3882404      970244     1618676      115960     1293484     2741308
Swap:       1941184           0     1941184
Total:      5823588      970244     3559860
[email protected]:~$ 

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Re: rpi-4 4 Gb of ram usb`s may be fixed some extent..and or..

Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:41 am

I read this on Saturday morning 9th Nov, and realised I had not updated my Pi 4 for about a week. So I ran the update / full upgrade.
My update script does a reboot at the end once everything has been installed. Some time recently it suddenly began rebooting ok with external drives plugged into USB 3. That was surprising, and rather pleasant.
After today's update it is back to not rebooting unless I unplug any external USN drives plugged into USB 3 and cycle power.

So I am back to selecting reboot, or typing sudo reboot, waiting until I get a blue 'no signal' screen on my monitor, checking there are NO active LEDs on the Pi, turning the power supply OFF, waiting a couple of seconds, then turning power back ON.
So instead of rebooting it looks like I go back again to shutdown > cycle power, to reboot the Pi 4 for now. Which is not a problem anyway. Except that my update/upgrade script will fail on reboot. A small annoyance - not a problem.

But it was nice to have enjoyed reboot working for a week or so :-) And no, I haven't changed the drives or what they are plugged into, and NO, this is NOT a complaint. Simply an observation. For me, reboot wasn't working, then it was, now it isn't.

Prior to it suddenly working, there had been one or more firmware updates. And today I noticed there were firmware updates. I wonder if there was any change in USB stuff in firmware, or if it is just one of those coincidences we get to experience with all computers from time to time..

Whatever it is, I'm sure someone in the organisation will discover it and sort it..
In my case, one attached USB 3 drive is self powered via a USB splitter. The other is an SSD via an adapter into the other USB 3 port.
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