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When are we getting 10-11 inch HD1080 Screen

Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:29 am

The only thing I wish for now to go with a RP4 is an official 10-11 inch 1080 screen so I can build a great computer room in my school, the 7 inch display is just I toy.

Having to carry the Pi-Top CEED screens in my luggage from the UK because the price in Shanghai means I can buy a complete Lenovo PC system for the same cost.
My other computer is a VIC20.

W. H. Heydt
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Re: When are we getting 10-11 inch HD1080 Screen

Sat Jun 29, 2019 3:56 am

1. The RPF and RPT do no announce products until they launch.

2. Dr. Upton remarked that he was considering a 10" display when the 7" was being developed. It hasn't happened yet, and may never happen.

3. The 800x600 resolution of the 7" screen is pretty much the best the DSI interface on Pis can handle. This may not be true of Pi4B, but I wouldn't count on it, plus the RPF/RPT are big on backwards compatibility.

So...don't hold your breath waiting. In the mean time, you might take a look at the Packed Pixel 10" display. It won't run off the DSI connector, but I believe the latest iteration will run from the HDMI connectors.

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