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Official touchscreen questions

Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:21 pm

Hi there,

I'm a French web developer so forgive my Englush

I'm currently working on yet another in-car embedded Raspberry Pi project.
I plan to build the software as a Chromium kiosk web app, served by a Node.js process. As a user input, I would like to use the official touchscreen,but before ordering it, I have a few questions about this display.

Does the screen (or software using it) implement natural touch scrolling as on tablets and phones ?

I've been watching some videos about the screen to see that point, but I couldn't..

Also, instead of using a virtual keyboard, I may use handwriting and OCR as text input, I think I could handle it with some JS libs .
So my second question is : are touch gestures supported for canvas drawing into the Chromium browser ?

I'd like to watch a few videos about these issues, if one of you do have ones.

I may show you later the wiring diagram of my project, maybe one of you could give me some advice.

I thank you for reading.


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