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Watertight Display for opencpn system?

Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:22 am

I've been digging and digging, and my progress has been very limited to finding a solution.
I have a sailboat I'd like to get toss a raspberry pi in, running opencpn. Commerically available Marine hardware(fishfinders, GPS, ect) units have a life cycle that ends in water ingress. Some times after a few seasons.

I'd like a display that can be mounted separate from the pi(via HDMI)

7-12" display

Pack 1000nits or cd/m2 of backlight power or higher

Ip67 water resistantance or better

Resistive Touch, capacitance touch isn't water friendly.

Resolution the higher the better probably not more than 720 or 1080. But no less than 720res

Under 1000 USD?

So far I'm looking at
https://www.faytech.com/catalogue/produ ... mip65hdmi/
Which doesn't meet half the requirements
And getting a spare for it in the cabin

The other option is diy. Haven't seen a guide. But spray rubber paint maybe helpful when dealing with slight water pressure.

I'm hoping someone here is a expert in this area. Cause I'm not

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