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Jumpy touchscreen input

Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:23 pm

I have had the 7" RPF touchscreen for a couple of years and it has always had problems with the touch input. After boot the touch input will work as advertised for a while, up to 30 minutes. After that the cursor typically jumps to the upper right about 2 cm off each edge. Trying to control the cursor with touch or a mouse is a battle since the cursor keeps jumping back to the same place.

I am using a 2.5A 5V adapter with a filter on the micro USB line, the RPi is a V3 with the latest Raspbian build and is up to date.

I have tried separating the power and driving the display and RPi with 2 adapters, this did not fix the problem.

Does anyone have a permanent fix that will work?

Do new units work any better?

If I purchase a new unit can I return it if the has the same problems?

I would like to use the RPi with touch as a home controller system with Domoticz and z-wave, but the touch issues are forcing me to disconnect the touch input and use a mouse. This is not ideal.

Thank you for your help.


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