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[Discussion] Intergrated OSK for Raspbian Pixel

Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:52 am

OSK = On screen Keyboard

The reason im suggesting this is because of the following:
  • High CPU Spikes when running
    No windowless option
    Small touch keys with waste of blank spaces on most OSK packages (main concern)
    OSK packages are not really up to date to support Official 7inch with multitouch.
Suggestions for a intergrated On screen Keyboard:
  • Able to use at Login screen. (main concern)
    User friendly for both Desktop and Official 7inch (Maybe support for smaller TFT displays) - window mode undocked for Desktop and windowless docked for Touchscreens.
    Enable OSK from System tray on the right.
This can be apart of the Accessability features for Raspbian Pixel in future updates.
Recommended to move System Tray to Top for better use of the OSK.

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