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Official Touchscreen 25Hz report rate instead of 60Hz

Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:24 pm

as the title says, I'm making some measurements and I'm only getting a input event report rate of about 25Hz. So I only get about 25 touchscreen input events per second, which is absolutely insufficient for responsive touch applications. I measured by directly reading from /dev/input/event0.

The chip that the touchscreen uses ( however, says that it can do up to 100Hz. (but practically more like 60Hz)

How can I get a higher touch report rate? It'd be no problem for me to recompile the kernel and make some modifications to it.

In the specs for the FT5406 it says that 25Hz is the polling rate when the chip is in "Monitor" mode; though it also says that it immediately switches to "Active" mode on touch. Active mode features a 60Hz polling rate.
Could it be that this switch never happens? Maybe the driver somehow has to tell the FT5406 to switch into Active mode, but it doesn't?

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