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Shutdown and wakeup PI without using GPIO3

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 1:07 am
by zenonmb

I have been searching a way to do shutdown and restart (on pi zero) with just 1 pin , without using GPIO3 . I have a RTC and there is no(physical) room to connect anything additional on same pin.
I noticed that we have dtoverlay = gpio- shutdown and it works in any pin, but waking up seems to be only allowed in pin3 .
Browsing ... ays/README found a rotary encoder that there is an option to "wake system".
"wakeup Boolean, rotary encoder can wake up the system.

So was wondering if I can use this for waking the pi .
I mean , use both gpio-shutodown and rotary-encoder on same pin . I noticed in the encoder we need two, but maybe using just one, still works....