UART problem when data is already arriving during boot

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by basj » Tue May 16, 2017 9:21 pm
I'm using UART Rx since years, because of the project I started :, to add a MIDI IN to the RaspberryPi. I wrote this guide 2 years ago. The new method:

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works great :), far better than the old hack with init_uart_clock=2441406.

But I noticed a UART bug in the new version:

* When RPi boots, and receives no serial MIDI data during boot time, everything works, the MIDI arrives correctly

* When RPi boots, and receives serial MIDI during boot time (for example because RPi is connected to a drummachine already ON, already spitting MIDI sync messages to RPi), it doesn't work : further use of MIDI won't work.

Any idea?
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