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HackSpace magazine :-)

Fri Feb 16, 2018 8:49 pm

I read the first edition and it was nice (and free :-)).
I didn't get the second or third but read them in pdf to see how they where.

Though when a MagPi subscription offer came up, I subscribed from issue 4 association far so good. I'll enjoy the read.

Which came while I was away and turned up with a nice other package.
A Circuit Playground Express - Developer Edition a micro:bit type thing chock full of sensors and outputs.
These are £25, the subscription was only £30 for the year with the MagPi offer.

I've not seen the circuit playground yet, nor the magazine, nor my son.
I do have an open large brown envelope and a jiffy bag...

Many thanks, I wonder what interesting and annoying things he'll come up with. I can already here beeps and tunes in the background.

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