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A model text adventure?

Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:56 pm

The piece on making a text adventure in MagPi 64 reminded me of "Hampstead" on the ZX Spectrum. What makes Hampstead stick in my mind is that it is a satirical game about social climbing (a typically British hang up). Hampstead is an expensive London suburb. But in this game you can't just go to Hampstead and buy a house there, you have to "attain Hampstead". This you accomplish - as far as I remember - by marrying the Boss' daughter, among other things. You can download Hampstead here ... id=0006419 and it certainly plays on the jsspeccy online emulator (though I doubt you can save progress - better to run it on a spectrum emulator on your Pi).

I bring this up to illustrate the point that is not the sophistication of the technology that makes a game immortal (or we wouldn't mess with retro games) but the wit of the game's designers.

Now who is going to write a text game for the Pi called "White House"? In this game you might have to obtain the opposition's hacked emails from foreign dictators, pay-off former lovers, and lose the public vote in order to succeed. :D

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