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MagPi donations and recycling

Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:03 pm

In the last few months, we've had a couple of readers ask about donating their unused/unwanted issues of The MagPi to a Raspberry Jam or other event.

The purpose of this thread is to act as a place for people to offer their old issues and books to those that run Raspberry Pi events and would be grateful for physical materials for attendees and students to learn from.

If you have any mags you'd wish to give away, please leave offers in this format:

OFFER: A list of issues and books
CONTACT METHOD: Whether you'd prefer a PM, email, Tweet, text, etc, and any further details needed to do so


Unfortunately at this stage I cannot offer any further resources to help send issues and such so this will have to be agreed upon between parties.

Obviously I can't regulate this but please only request the issues if they would help with people learning at a Jam or Code Club or whatever. The purpose of this thread is not for completing your personal collection.

Also, I think it's safe to say you cannot expect any extras or cover gifts that came with the issue unless otherwise stated.

Finally, please only post about offers and offer posts.

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