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Using a Raspberry Pi 1 as a Hardware Firewall

Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:50 pm

Hi all, newbie here.
I got a question and if it is in the wrong forum please forgive me.
I the old days I remember that you could utilise an old computer as a Hardware Firewall using DOS. Now I do not have any programming skills yet (got my first three Raspberry Pi 1 only this week via eBay an a Raspberry Zero from the MagPi Magazine No 40 with my new subscription) but I would like to know if there is any way to build a Hardware Firewall with the Pi1 or later ones.
I have searched first before posting and I got over 2000 :o :shock: returns but I could not find one that seemed to describe the same question (ok, I do admit that I did not look through all posts :lol: ).
Many thanks in advance

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Re: Using a Raspberry Pi 1 as a Hardware Firewall

Wed May 25, 2016 8:01 am

Firewall needs alteast 2 LAN ports (3 better option) to build a firewall plus this is 100MBps port and not 1Gig to ideally not good option to do it.
Yeah if you get an LAN or Wifi module as addon to this board, you can try it out using one of the OS and configuring iptables (command version of firewall in Linux).


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