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unhandled exception windows.ui.xaml.dl error

Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:03 pm


I am able to debug and launch my app without any issue on local machine. However when I try to release it on raspberry pi 3, I first deploy to the remote machine, which works successfully. Post that when I click on release, I keep getting error message that an unhandled exception windows.ui.xaml.dl has occurred. The error message is attached.
Need urgent help please.
pi error.PNG
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Re: unhandled exception windows.ui.xaml.dl error

Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:27 am


1. what are the settings in the DEBUG properties panel and from the RELEASE one?
2. do you use conditional compilation like #if DEBUG ... #else ... #endif in your code?
3. or something like [System.Diagnostics.Conditional("DEBUG")]?
4. why don't keep the App in DEBUG condition if you cant get under control - it does not need to be RELEASE to be able to run without dev-environment.
5. otherwise add some additional stuff to your code to track how far your App going befor you get the exception, to know wher the exception exactly is coming from.
6. the exception you have can be caused by an invalid syntax in one of the xaml files - but then why is it running under DEBUG environment - go to 1'st step .
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