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Please read before posting in the Win10 IoT forum

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:11 am
by jamesh
OK, this forum is for discussing the use and programming on Win10 IoT for the Raspberry Pi.

It is NOT for discussions of the merits and/or downsides of Win10 or Microsoft. Posts along those lines will be deleted without warning.

Note that although Win10 IoT is an OS, because of its nature, the majority of people who use it will be programming for it, hence this is classified under the programming section.

Also note that Win10 IoT only works on the new Raspberry PI 2B the one with the quad-core ARM Cortex-a7 CPU, it will NOT work with the older models.

Here is some information about Win10 IoT that often comes up in questions.

1. Microsoft have not contributed any money to Raspberry Pi for Win10 IoT.
2. Raspberry Pi have not contributed any money to Microsoft for Win10 IoT.
3. No-one from Microsoft is a moderator on these forums, or can delete posts.
4. Raspberry Pi is an open platform: anyone can develop for it.
5. The Foundation expects this development to sell a lot more Pis, the profits from which will be reinvested in OSS and education.

Re: Please read before posting in the Win10 IoT forum

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:20 pm
by mahjongg
It seems Win10IoT is NOT compatible with the Raspberry PI4, and reading Microsofts Win10IoT forum, there have not been any plans announced to create a RPI4 compatible version.