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Shiliu Pi (Pomegranate Pi) Drift Project

Wed Feb 10, 2021 10:52 am

When I saw the astro-pi project, so exciting it is, the same project is running.

pls view my pi-box, it's designed for simulating chess computer, that's only one target of it. the astro-pi project gave me more ideas. I can let the Shiliu Pi boarding the chinese space station. but I need learn more experience to astro-pi.

• flight case, not wood box. such as 6063 grade aluminium ...
• the tests: RTC (real time clock) Battery & Flight Hardware
• to reverse-engineer the STL files astro-pi released.

thanks raspberrypi community to share more infomations , like: ... ight-case/

• adding more science testing function to my pi.
• maybe adding tiny games designing ability, let kids designer to play newest game with astronaut
(This used about 20 minutes of precious crew time.) be happy time will good for astronaut health. I like play together with kids.

now let me to show my pi-box, it's simulate a 1978 elder chess computer, I was searching the information from web. the kernel to sim will using my 3B+ . also I'll opensoruce it and hope to find friends from raspberrypi community. I'm scient teacher in china with lots of friends support me.
181102_ce56d216_5631341.png (112 KiB) Viewed 1163 times
181115_af358561_5631341.png (145.31 KiB) Viewed 1163 times
181151_a2d8a0c8_5631341.png (119.93 KiB) Viewed 1163 times
• more buttons more function for astro-pi.

next is the orignal plan of my pi-box, it's the reason of my visit to raspberrypi community.


Building a “Blesschess” Set with Kids All Over the World

What is the “Blesschess”?

To bring best wishes to you with good luck, the blesschess is a special chess set. Two players put chess pieces on a board and move them. The one who moves the pieces to a lucky graph wins the game. And the winner brings luck to both players.

It is designed by a Chinese volunteer. The basic play method is the same as an ancient board game from China, which is popular among Tibetans and ethnic minorities in western China. Mr.Yuan, a computer Science teacher, found this ancient board game on a vacation trip to western China. He is also a volunteer who teaches kids how to play chess in one of the Beijing communities and has a chess team called “flamechess”.

Localize the Lucky Graph!

Every country has its own culture, and thus, the lucky graphs are different. The open-source project “Blesschess” is provided tools to the volunteers that they can DIY the lucky graph. The way is very easy:

1. Download the sample graph, and then redraw them.
2. Rewrite the identify date for the lucky graph.
3. Have a good test.
4. Update the branch for their country.
5. Announce the volunteer needed in their country.

• There are three kinds of lucky graphs for examples.
i. Tibetans 8 luckies.
ii. Da Vinci cross.
iii. Taiji double fish.

Why do we play with Stones?

In the ancient board game, players used small stones as pieces and hand-painted the boards on the ground.

The “blesschess” has 333 parts:
• 3 colors of stones with 99 pieces for each,
• One flat chess set with 34 pieces, which have 2 kinds of the symbol on both sides for each piece, Chinese chess, and chess.
• 2 dices.

Although there are hundreds of play methods, only two main game boards are available:
• The blesschess uses one board with any 2 colors of stones.
• Another board painted 2 sides, including Chinese chess and chess.
(One special chess play method that needs to use the dice is designed for kids, called flamechess.)

How to build it?

Collect 3 colors of stones from different countries, and recruit 99 children to complete it.
1. Announce the volunteers' requirements from Raspberry Pi Community.
2. Take pictures of the stones they found on mountains, rivers, beaches, countryside, and roadsides.
3. Upload to the website of these events.
4. Select the final pieces by the Blesschess team.
5. Rebuild the blesschess web service version and update the branch.

Donate the Actual Blesschess Set to Raspberry Pi Foundation.
1. Volunteers mail the stones to China. The stone size must be larger than 20mm.
2. Grind stone to make the larger one smaller than 22mm.
3. Print a handbook with all signed names of volunteers.
4. Make a special gift box with a traditional Chinese pattern.
5. Donate it to the Raspberry Pi foundation by the Chinese Embassy.

Shiliu Pi (Pomegranate Pi) Drift Project

1. Copy the donation version of blesschess with glass pieces to replace the stone.
2. 1 set of pieces and 1 raspberry pi preinstall the blesschess branch.
3. Mail back to the volunteers.
4. The volunteers become the seed to teach the blesschess in the community of their country and cities.
5. The Shiliu Pi (Pomegranate Pi) can drift from one community to another.
6. Mark the locations that Shiliu Pi (Pomegranate Pi) is used, to draw a huge map on the website.

Why Shiliu Pi (Pomegranate Pi)?

In Chinese, a pomegranate is called a shiliu, which means being together can succeed.
This year, the COVID-19 flew in the whole world. People cannot work outside, and normal life cannot continue. Many kids have lost their friends, and many families have lost their relatives.
I hope people all over the world can be healthy and happy. I hope more kids can play blesschess together to collect more lucky graphs, and I wish the COVID-19 will disappear fast.

Why 99?

In Chinese pronunciation, 99 is the same as forever, which means being lucky, healthy, and happy forever.
The blessing is for all kids around the world.

Why Raspberry Pi Foundation?

Because openEuler has the sig-raspberry pi, which provides the solution for private cloud so that it can be made good use of blesschess teaching.
Also because Raspberry Pi, a charity foundation, comes from the UK.
because #I2EGS9 the Warm :heart: words from the Queen of UK:

We continue to be inspired by the kindness of strangers and draw comfort that even on the darkest nights there is hope in the new dawn.
- Christmas eve. 2020/12/24

The above is my big plan "to make a box of Fuqi with children all over the world", which comes from a Chinese father, a volunteer in Beijing.
(ps: In Chinese, blesschess is called Fuqi, which means lucky, healthy, and happy.)

Dejun Yuan.

the following is my friends words:
“Hi everyone, I'm Lisa, a Woman International chess Master and the founder of chess history and sociology project. I'm here to introduce blesschess project to all chess lovers. Blesschess combines elements of traditional western Chinese cultures. It's the symbol of unity and it represents good luck. Let’s create a blesschess and bring good luck and happiness to children all around the world.”

—— LISA. 2021.1.29 17:04
some other ideas about promoting the pi-project:

The Blesschess Tournament World 2021 for Hoping COVID-19 Disappear to Donate 9999... Masks
After the finish of the blesschess set gift donation to Raspberry Pi foundation, the tournament of blesschess world 2021 will begin. The goal of the tournament is to collect more lucky graphs to make a wish of COVID-19 disappear fast, and all donations for buying masks to kids in underdeveloped areas around the world. The tournament can be co-operated by the local chess association of the volunteer.

Any board game tournament for a donation could be organized after the blesschess tournament.
Hundreds of board games could be played by using the blesschess set. The volunteers can organize different board game tournaments locally, and to continue donating the masks.

If necessary, we may create a whole new group for the tournaments...
The group is a list of organizations which support our events and tournaments all around the world.

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Re: Shiliu Pi (Pomegranate Pi) Drift Project

Sun Mar 14, 2021 10:06 am

One month ago, I already reverse the Pi pilot.


the article of the forum is : reverse-engineer Astro_Pi_PILOT stls

Today is PI day, My project newest efforts is below.
6.jpg (189.69 KiB) Viewed 955 times
4.jpg (155.06 KiB) Viewed 955 times
3sml.gif (229.87 KiB) Viewed 955 times
The project will build 1st release version for the chinese community.
and Thanks Pi community opensource more and more good project such as Astor Pi.

Best wishes and good luck.
Happy PI DAY, Happy every DAy.

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