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Astro Pi’s Mission Zero has been completed!

Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:43 pm

27 February 2018

ESA’s Education Office, in collaboration with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, is pleased to announce that Mission Zero of the 2017/2018 European Astro Pi Challenge has been completed!

Over the past weeks, more than 1700 codes written by primary and lower secondary school students were run on the two Astro Pi computers Ed and Izzy located on the International Space Station.

With Ed and Izzy’s help, the student teams had the chance to measure and display the temperature inside the ISS Columbus module and show a greeting message to the astronauts onboard using the Astro Pi LED matrix.

Mission Zero is a non-competitive mission designed as an introduction to computer coding for students who are under 14 years of age. Mission Zero also aims to improve students’ STEM literacy and soft skills by encouraging teamwork through working on a scientific project.
Astro Pi Ed running one of the selected codes!

Participating teams received a certificate recognising their participation in the Mission Zero Astro Pi Challenge. On the back of these certificates, teams found the exact time their code ran, as well as the location of the ISS, with respect to Earth, when their code was running!

ESA Education and the Raspberry Pi Foundation would like to thank all the teams that submitted an application for Mission Zero, and challenge them to take the next step by applying for Astro Pi’s Mission Space Lab in the next school year!

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