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I know the project has finished but

Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:50 pm

As a total newbie to the Pi, I am interested in using some of the Ideas from here,
I have ordered a Pi Zero, and planning on getting the Sense Hat or Envio phat, I also want to add a clock module and small touch screen. Don't want a camera but a joystick might be useful, as I want to try building a mini weather monitoring set up.
Are my ideas feasible, Last time I did any programming was back in the early 1980s on mainframe computers and a ZX81 so I realise it would be a total learning curve. Construction is not a problem as am ex electronics service engineer with SMD experience.

I can talk to the ISS and have tracking software for that in my Ham Radio equipment.
Name is Mike, Radio Ham and Weather Nut.
Total Beginner with Rpi Zero

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