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STICKY: Raspberry Pi Model A and B usage

Tue May 05, 2015 1:58 pm

Note: If you have a rev 1.0 Model B from 2012, without the two mounting holes, you wont be able to use this trick.

The Sense HAT is not form factor compatible with earlier versions of the Raspberry Pi. However with the use of an elevated 26 way header socket you can do a bodge that will work (with model B rev 2.0 and above). Like this:


The elevated header will allow the HAT to sit comfortably above the composite and analogue audio jacks. You'll then need to use something like a piece of foam between the Pi and the HAT to prevent it from cantilevering and putting stress on the GPIO pins.

The elevated header can be bought online from various places.
Toby Electronics have them: ESW-113-33-G-D ... -xx-x-x-xx
Adafruit also:


Any code that you write using this set up will work on the flight hardware in space.

Install the Sense HAT package from apt:

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sudo apt-get install sense-hat
The following lines must be added to config.txt

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If you're using NOOBS you have to use the easy config editor to make this change, see here.

If you've using an image file installed directly you can get away with just running these two commands from a terminal and then rebooting.

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sudo bash -c "echo 'dtparam=i2c_arm=on' >> /boot/config.txt"
sudo bash -c "echo 'dtoverlay=rpi-sense' >> /boot/config.txt"

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