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Help with Camera zoom visual aid for the visually impaired

Thu Mar 07, 2019 1:19 am

I am currently working on a school project where i am making a visual aid for people with visual impairments with the raspberry pi. I have done lots of research, but unfortunately cannot find a way to do what i want to do. I am new to the Pi and was wondering if there was a way(and if so, how) to make a remote controller for the Point Gray Chameleon3 camera(if this camera doesn't work then can you tell me which one will) so when i press a button it zooms in with optical zoom, and press another button and it zooms out. If you could help me with this, i would very much appreciate it.

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Re: Help with Camera zoom visual aid for the visually impaired

Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:30 am

Are you asking for a way to adjust that specific cameras magnification, or to magnify the resulting image it produces? There are a few threads [here], [here], and [here] that might help. Generally speaking though you could magnify the cameras output on the software end with something like OpenCV, then use a [VR Bluetooth Controller] for input to adjust the zoom factor. Some camera alternatives would be various flavors of Raspberry Pi Camera, or some ELP Brand USB cameras, although there are others. Some programming experience would also be helpful here, or at least a willingness to learn.

What do you plan on using for a display?

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