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Mobile hearing aid prototype with consumer hardware

Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:17 pm

At the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg we developed a mobile hearing aid prototype with a Raspberry Pi 3.
Therefore, we used mainly consumer hardware with a combined value of about 250€ and only open source software.

It is based on the open Master Hearing Aid (open source hearing aid software) and we will use it for teaching and research.
We provide instructions to build the prototype as well as an SD card image which comes with a fully functional pre-configured setup.

Main characteristics:
- Free software: Control is yours, you can change every single bit of it!
- Efficient real-time implementations of research-approved hearing algorithms
- Competitively low delays: Less than 10ms
- Looks like wearing in-ear headphones
- Whole setup fits in a belt bag
- Sum of all components is about 250 €

Some cool features:
- Pre-configured SD-card image (~500 Mb) available for download!
- Autostart in about 10 seconds
- Several hours of autonomy
- Connect via wifi to the hearing aid prototype
- Fit it to a specific hearing profile using openMHA's graphical fitting interface
- Extend openMHA with own algorithms
- Combine it with any jack-based software (play, process, or record)

Check out our project at Github for more information, if you are interested:

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