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Audio mixer for the blind

Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:13 pm

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am new to the Raspberry Pi and Arduino world and was wondering if I could get some help leading me in the right direction.

I work in the public sector and have a gentlemen that comes in occasionally who is blind. He loves to play guitar and wanted me to help him find a way to record his rifts and mix them without sight. I initially figured we should be able to do this on a laptop with possibly some hardware adapter. Sadly I have discovered that accessibility software for the totally blind SUCKS! This gentleman has been using this outdated program called Jaws for most everything on his computer but they don't support ANYTHING audio related (like audacity or garage band) Having bought my first raspberry pi 6 months ago I began thinking why could we not make our own audio mixer with a pi? This way we could have tactile buttons he can press instead of relying on a voice operated program to bridge the gap.

So this is where I would like some help from the programming community. Is it possible to record the incoming audio from an electric guitar onto a pi? Can we have that loop back so he can layer another rift on top of the first track? Would we be able to trim the beginning and ends of clips on the fly? Is there a way to have the raspberry pi burn audio tracks straight to CD that can be played in a CD player? Will I need any extra hardware to accomplish this or can the raspberry pi 3b handle this out of the box (besides the cdrom)?

To me this sounds like a lot but I was hoping there was at least one audiophile in the group that could lead me in the direction of a tutorial that may help me solve one or several of these questions since my programming skills are luke warm at best.

Thanks in advanced!

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Re: Audio mixer for the blind

Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:01 pm

That does indeed sound like a lot.
If you google "raspberry pi guitar pedal looper" you will probably find most of the available resources.

I would consider looking at actual "looper pedals" for guitars and check out which ones that would be suitable for the visually impaired.
Guitar players should be able to use these without constantly looking at their feet.

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Re: Audio mixer for the blind

Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:15 pm

Nice to see another visual impairment inventor like myself I'm working on a visual awareness system that latches onto your standard white cane. I would suggest for your tactile buttons you make sure each button each has above or on top of it. Braille to represent what each button represents that way it will be alot easier for your client to use instead of fiddling around trying to figure out what each button does.

Extra addition would to make some instructions which are in braille also should your client forget how to use it or want to show their friends.
This seems similar and might help. Always worth posting on Electronics.Stackexchange and raspberry/arduino subreddits on reddit
https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/c ... pberry_pi/

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