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Quadriplegic coders

Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:05 pm

Is there a resource that has info how to interface sensitive sensors to the RPI. Like detecting sleight movements, puffs of breath, etc. I would also want to get a voice to txt that can run on the PI. I have young disabled acquaintance that needs this kind of activity to make him feel like a useful person again. Any help will be appreciated

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Re: Quadriplegic coders

Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:09 pm

Take a look at MagPi magazine, issue 17, page 8. There is an article "The Picameral eye-tracker". That might have some good insight for your project.

Here is a link to the issue: http://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi-issues/MagPi17.pdf

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Re: Quadriplegic coders

Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:13 pm


I am quadriplegic and also a computer programmer, roboticist, compulsive Raspberry Pi collector and tinker so maybe I can offer some assistance. I do these things with the use of a reflective dot on my glasses, some voice dictation software and a button under my right index finger.

If you young acquaintance has the ability to slightly move his head, move one of his fingers or even any of his appendages reliably and can speak then setting him up with something where he can code is totally doable. And to be honest if he can't do all of those things it's still doable, but coding will just be a little bit more time consuming.

One slight word of advice though, in your original post you say "so he can feel useful again" and I totally get where this sentiment comes from and I'm completely sure that had nothing but good intentions when you said it. But I did want to say that rooting your young friends sense of worth in what he is able to physically accomplish might not be a great thing for a quadriplegic, as we are not really noted for our physical prowess! :-) Maybe if you couch it in terms of an intellectual challenge he might not feel so bad if this process doesn't work. I mean, there's no reason it shouldn't work, but you know, being realistic yay! :-)

All that being said, either reply here or hit me up at: https://robotsandcake.org and I will be glad to offer some assistance.

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