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Non Verbal - start music using digital decibel level

Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:41 pm


I have a disabled brother who is non verbal. He loves music and we are looking for a solution to play music for him in the morning when he wakes and makes noise. He can wake quite early and will make noise. Music will calm and relax him.

We have run a script on a PI using an analog microphone. We are testing it now with him. The issue is its very difficult to monitor and adjust the necessary noise level so that it is at the right noise level. For example, I don't want it to walk him during the night if he makes a Noise.

Ideally I would like to use a digital decibel meter to test the level of sounds he makes in the morning when he wakes. I can then adjust the script so that music will play when a certain db is reached. Can you tell me if there is a digital db which is compatible with what I want to do or what tech components I need?

I know lots of people who would really benefit from this. He does not have the cognitive ability to press a button. I've seen an example of a Google home being used with pictures and on this site also. My brother communicates through noise but it is not intelligible.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I've seen some stuff on forums but mainly about recording db rather that using it as a trigger.

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Re: Non Verbal - start music using digital decibel level

Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:58 am

I don't know how to use a Pi to measure the sound level, but...

An independent measurement of noise level will not help, because the Pi will not be calibrated. You need to get that part of the software working first, and use it to record noise levels through the night and at waking. There may or may not be a margin in which to set the trigger.

You could also make the music trigger dependent on time, so the music cannot start too early.
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