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Re: Sight for the Blind for <100$

Sat May 20, 2017 10:32 am

Hi Jacob,

I haven't tried the After-Sight image on Raspberry Pi 3 yet, but I remember that time in between Teradeep object recognitions was some 5 seconds on Raspberry Pi 2. What is it on Raspberry Pi 3?



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Re: Sight for the Blind for <100$

Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:24 am

Peter, the time on the rpi 3 was about as fast as it would finish speaking the last one for teradeep.

performance of everything on the rpi 3 seemed lagless in comparison to the rpi 2 even with multiple functions operating.

I stopped in on the forum today with a small update:

Although I have not been working on things, other people are.

A gent who I will refer to as GO has been working on making performance improvements to the code. When I jumped from the rpi 2 to the rpi 3 the battery life tanked.

This is due to me being a fabricobbler, and not a real programmer or electronics engineer.

I was using a method of constantly polling to look for keystrokes which was maxing out the CPU, and apparently was not doing multi CPU coding effectively.

This gentleman has been working on these issues, and although I haven't seen anything yet, I will let him go through his debugging, and then I will review it, and try to understand the fundamental changes to the code.

I will then work on having it possible to push it as an update.

With those advances, performance should improve even on the rpi 2, but my bigger hope is that power consumption on the rpi 3 is reduced to a reasonable level.

A different gentleman has been working on things that struck his interest. Namely investigating other OS distributions for the rpi 3. I used minibian which is a small size implementation of raspbian. This was done to be able to keep using the cheapest SD cards on the market. It turns out technology keeps jumping faster than my cost concerns do. It probably makes some sense to not care too much about the size of the underlying OS. I appreciate this point of view, and am keen to hear his opinion as he explores.

This gent is also investigating the bluetooth function for the rpi 3. which will eliminate wires. Of course we have to come up with a scripted menu driven config tool to make it happen. Last I heard from him was that he was getting devices to connect, but was not getting the sound system to push through bluetooth. Something to do with pulseaudio or something like that. I don't know the details exactly.

In the future, I will try to steer these fellows to this forum, as the more eyes that see problems, often the solutions come from someone's arcane knowledge of different things that we don't ourselves understand.

I hope everyone is doing well, I just returned from a trip to Germany with my children who are half German. It was my first time in the old world, and I found it enchanting. As a lover of the countryside and hater of cities, Germany just reinforced that for me. I spent some time west of Poland and east of Dresden in the countryside, then traveled to Stralsund. The further away I am from the larger parts of civilization the better I feel regardless of the country.

I had a very kind offer from John Peacocke (who has contributed in this forum on many occasions) to come visit in Ireland when he corresponded with me about some interesting observations regarding ultrasound and it's potential applications to the device as an alternate form of input for different people who may be mobility impaired and can't use the rotary knob or keyboard.

Unfortunately, my visit was coming to a close, and Ireland was not in the cards this time. However, as my children age, I have more heritage to explore including Finn, Swede, Irish, and Welsh. So I hope I can meet some forum members on my future trips!

My best to all this summer; keep cool, and be well.

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Re: Sight for the Blind for <100$

Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:11 am

I only just noticed this post.
Time of Flight sensors are getting cheaper.
A search for ToF will find the post and links.

Basically it is an optical sensor that detects how long a laser beam takes to be reflected back.
Off the shelf from Adafruit etc
Not much better than a stick but the next gen versions are multi region, not just one spot.
This one goes to 4meters and 16 spots ... l53l1.html

You can get up to 320x240 ToF cameras, smaller than Kinect.
But doing everything on a smart phone make for a pure software solution.
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