The Official Raspberry Filling : Call for Illustrations

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by CommanderCoder » Tue May 15, 2012 12:40 pm
Hello Raspberry Pi forum members.

Over the past few months the Computing At Schools working group (CAS) has been working on a user manual to be ready for the educational launch. The manual is destined to answer that question to be asked by many Raspberry Pi owners; "What do I do with it?" The manual will be right there on the desktop when the Raspberry Pi boots up. Thus, the owner won’t need an internet connection to get started.

The manual will answer the question with a series of “step-by-step” guides and "type-in and run" experiments in computer science. We're now at the stage where we are looking for illustrations for the text in the manual. Are you a budding illustrator, or a professional that has a few evenings to spare on a free manual for the Raspberry Pi? Please get in touch. to us at

At the moment we are just looking for volunteers. Once we have a few, we'll post out the manual and our requirements and suggestions for what needs illustrating. Thanks in advance for all you volunteers that can help us. Any we use in the manual will be properly attributed to you.

Remember, you can follow our progress on Twitter @rasp_filling, and our Facebook page.
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by CommanderCoder » Tue May 29, 2012 7:37 pm
The Raspberry Pi Education User Manual (Trial Edition) is coming soon. ... cAn955EN1A

The Raspberry Filling Educational Manual (Trial Edition) will be available from the 4th June 2012. It will have a limited release to educationalists and those with a computer group which has participating children. This trial edition is purely to gather feedback upon the chapters so we know we have targeted the material appropriately. We'll also be adding illustrations and screenshots where needed.
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