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by erikholtan
Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:57 am
Forum: Graphics, sound and multimedia
Topic: [GUIDE] Chromecast streaming from raspberry pi
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Re: [GUIDE] Chromecast streaming from raspberry pi

For those looking for a way to not compile for hours, I have done it and provided the binaries.

by erikholtan
Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:29 am
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Retro Pie, Autostart "Game"
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Retro Pie, Autostart "Game"

My current setup is Raspbian with Retro Pie and XBMC installed. I have it configured for emulationstation to run on boot. I have set up emulationstation to allow shell scripts to be thought of as roms so I can run XBMC from the emulationstation menu for when I want to watch movies. However, I watch ...

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