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by Quattroman
Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:15 pm
Forum: Automation, sensing and robotics
Topic: Tutorial for an Alexa Skill to control the PI
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Re: Tutorial for an Alexa Skill to control the PI

Hi, when I run the Alexa command in the Amazon developer programme, the command is "Alexa, tell Kermit today" the raspberry pi and the amazon service response tell me "501 can only POST to CGI scripts.

Anyone help me resolve this?


by Quattroman
Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:38 pm
Forum: Beginners
Topic: Running this program
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Re: Running this program

Hi, I have tried all of the suggestions nodejs stil wont load.

Any other suggestions gratefully received.

by Quattroman
Sun Feb 21, 2016 3:07 pm
Forum: Raspbian
Topic: Loading nodeJS
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Loading nodeJS

Hi Guys I am trying to setup HomeKit on a Raspberry Pi and need to load Node JS. I am following the instructions in nfarina/homebridge and as instructed enter the following; wget https://nodejs.org/dist/v4.0.0/node-v4.0.0-linux-armv6l.tar.gz The Pi connects to the NodeJS Git Hub but then I get the f...
by Quattroman
Sat Mar 09, 2013 9:03 am
Forum: General discussion
Topic: working USB 3G/GPRS/EDGE modem
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Re: working USB 3G/GPRS/EDGE modem


Can anyone point me to the best software to use on the Sakis3g site for a Vodafone UK 3g Dongle.



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