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by AnythingIsFine
Wed May 09, 2018 9:57 am
Forum: Troubleshooting
Topic: /var/log in tmpfs - errors
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Re: /var/log in tmpfs - errors

I had a similar issue when mounting '/var/log' as 'tmpfs'. Services like Apache2, Mysql and Redis would refuse to start as they could not create their respective log directories... I want to add, that I also mounted '/var/log' with 'mode=1777', yet this did not help as the services were not configur...
by AnythingIsFine
Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:07 pm
Forum: General discussion
Topic: Raspberry Pi 3 microSD card overclock
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Re: Raspberry Pi 3 microSD card overclock

Hello, I'm unable to overclock my microSD card reader to 100MHz on my Raspi 3 B Plus. I have edited the /boot/config.txt file 4 times, each time adding only 1 of the below lines and rebooted, yet it never seems to be able to boot up. #1. dtoverlay=sdhost,overclock_50=100 , it would not boot up. #2. ...

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