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by dkohen
Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:49 am
Forum: Raspbian
Topic: Upgrading mosquitto broke my mqqt
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Upgrading mosquitto broke my mqqt

In case anyone has the same problem: I just updated mosquitto to 1.5.3 on Stretch as part of a regular upgrade. After the update/upgrade my mosquitto server stop working: trying to connect with mosquitto_sub produced an "error address family not supported by protocol". Finally tracked it down to the...
by dkohen
Wed Mar 28, 2018 3:30 pm
Forum: Troubleshooting
Topic: [SOLVED] kernelPanic: VFS: can't mount root fs (179,2)
Replies: 18
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Re: [SOLVED] kernelPanic: VFS: can't mount root fs (179,2)

This one has come back. I just did an apt-get update;apt-get upgrade on two different Pi3s using several different SD cards: in both cases the SD card is only used to boot from a USB HDD. Both of them after the upgrade failed with this message. Even stranger when I copied a new boot segment onto the...
by dkohen
Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:18 am
Forum: Advanced users
Topic: Pi 3 sata controller
Replies: 21
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Re: Pi 3 sata controller

Most of these posts are pretty old but in case someone comes here looking: http://wdlabs.wd.com/category/wd-pidrive/ has a series of solutions. Ultimately they all seem to be USB2 based, unfortunately.
by dkohen
Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:01 pm
Forum: Raspbian
Topic: Downloading problem of RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL
Replies: 14
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Re: Downloading problem of RASPBIAN JESSIE WITH PIXEL

Hi - there seems to be a problem with the zip download for Lite - I just tried from two different browsers in different machines: Chromium downloads a truncated file, Firefox says: "/tmp/mozilla_dkohen0/RblexMtb.zip.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Try again later,...

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