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by pretoriano
Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:17 pm
Forum: Networking and servers
Topic: Samba performance with 3+?
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Re: Samba performance with 3+?

Same here. Prefacing this with the following: 1. I am running a Synology ~1TB NAS which backs up to RPI 3B+ every night via rsync. 2. I run samba on RPI 3B+ and map the share to my workstation on my gigabit network, (I see gigabit speeds to my NAS on the same network). 3. I do all this with a USB ex...
by pretoriano
Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:09 pm
Forum: Python
Topic: GPIO and Interrupt speed
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Re: GPIO and Interrupt speed

Wow no answer for almost a year.
I am looking for an answer too. Did yo figure it out?
by pretoriano
Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:11 pm
Forum: General discussion
Topic: GPIO state at boot turns relays on
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Re: GPIO state at boot turns relays on

The Pi as you know outputs 3.3v on its GPIO. Whereas your relays on your board need 5v to operate. Not only that but the current requirements of the relay is also too much for the Pi. The Pi only has about 50mA for all its GPIOs (it is shared on the 3.3v rail) This means you need an interface betwee...

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