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by Mr_McGill
Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:18 pm
Forum: Gaming
Topic: Saving on RetroPie psx
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Re: Saving on RetroPie psx

Would love an answer to this question. To add to the authentic gaming experience I too would like to be able to use In game save points. (Nothing like running around searching desperately for a typewriter in Resident Evil). Its almost like we need to trick the pie into believeing there is an old fas...
by Mr_McGill
Sun Apr 26, 2015 2:12 pm
Forum: Picademy
Topic: Picademy #8 Attendees
Replies: 12
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Re: Picademy #8 Attendees

Hi all! Im Dan, have always had a deep interest in all things computing and really looking forward to tomorrow. Im a primary school teacher, currently teaching year 3. I am also the schools ICT Co-ordinator. I have just bought a number of Pi2's and I cannont wait to further develop my very basic ski...

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