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by Cavus
Sun Mar 04, 2012 5:30 am
Forum: General discussion
Topic: STICKY: Introduce yourself!
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Re: Introduce yourself!

<t>Hey there folks,<br/> I"m Nick aka Cavus! Although I"m probably one of the younger RPi enthusiasts I have a strong appetite for learning new things and a relatively basic base of knowledge in terms of hardware and software. Over the summer I made the plunge and achieved a significant feat (for me...
by Cavus
Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:43 am
Forum: Off topic discussion
Topic: Ebay Raspberry Pi cases
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Re: Ebay Raspberry Pi cases

<r>Later down the line I intend to make custom cases from probably wood at the start and f it takes off and people are interested I would probably branch out not lexan, plastic, acrylic or metal. I also think I"d be interested in making portable battery packs, depending on how much power these thing...

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