Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partners

Countless businesses use Raspberry Pi to jump-start the design process of their products, and to build in proven and powerful computing. If you have an idea or a product and need a design partner to help you integrate Raspberry Pi, we can connect you with designers who can help you.

Every Approved Design Partner is reviewed and approved by Raspberry Pi. We ensure that each has the technical and commercial abilities design your product to your requirements.

If you are interested in applying to become an Approved Design Partner, please submit an application.

Current Approved Design Partners

Ignys Ltd


Ignys Ltd are an electronics and software product design consultancy providing technical expertise in electronics design, firmware coding and software engineering. We’re set up to provide you with the skills you want, exactly when you need them. We help you with every stage of your product journey from idea conception, through prototyping, test and validation, as well as compliance.

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EDA Technology


EDA Technology offers complete hardware solutions, custom design and manufacturing services to the customers who want to deploy Raspberry Pi computers in IoT, Automation, Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Our vision is to help the customer to accelerate their product development with our high quality and affordable solutions in the global market.

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Kunst Engineering


Kunst Engineering offers development, design and manufacturing services for electronics. We own the Aeridani brand of dedicated carrier boards, specifically designed for Raspberry Compute Module, from 1 to 3+ and we make custom version of those carrier boards. We have expertise in medical devices, aerospace and radars, industrial automation and sensors, motors and drives, testing equipment. We currently operate with customers mainly in the EU

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Navariti Innovation


Navariti Innovation is an affordable IoT, AI and embedded automation solution provider. Key areas include customised solutions across various industrial sectors, energy and resource management, manufacturing, industrial safety, control and hazard detection, effluent and waste management and other areas. We can help you fast charge your development with end to end solutions and support across the product cycle in a cost efficient manner. We own the SAIGE branded product suite. We provide solutions for clients across the globe.

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For nearly two decades, SparkFun has been designing and manufacturing development boards from its headquarters just outside Boulder, Colorado. Over the years, we have collaborated with countless partners to bring emerging technology to life; to accelerate the speed of prototyping; and to get to proof of concept quickly. Our design services include development board design and manufacturing, custom assembly, custom kitting, and custom procurement. We have experience designing with the RP2040 and look forward to wrapping this expertise around your needs.

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OnLogic is a global industrial computer manufacturer that designs highly-configurable, solution-focused computers engineered for reliability at the IoT edge. OnLogic systems operate in the world’s harshest environments, empowering customers to solve their most complex computing challenges, no matter their industry. Founded in 2003 as Logic Supply, OnLogic has offices in the U.S., Netherlands, Taiwan and Malaysia, and has helped more than 70,000 customers worldwide solve their most complex hardware challenges.

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Jkollerup.dk offers a one-stop shop for Raspberry Pi where we take care of anything from development to supply for our customers. Since the very first Raspberry Pi boards were manufactured in 2012, we have been focusing exclusively on Raspberry Pi projects. We offer our services both on an hourly basis and on a full project basis. Our skills include but are not limited to: schematic design, PCB layout and software (applications, firmware, drivers). We are also a Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller which comes with several advantages for our projects. We are situated in Denmark and our main market is the Nordic region but we support the whole world.

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AVID Technologies


Avnet’s AVID Technologies is a trusted design partner with decades of design experience and dozens of successful Raspberry Pi based design solutions. World class end-to-end design services are available that can be tailored specifically to your needs. Services available range from design consulting assistance to full turn-key product design including schematic design, bill of materials selection, PCB layout, software/firmware support, validated prototypes, certification/compliance support, and volume production. AVID Technologies has recently produced customized I/O carrier card design solutions to support Raspberry Pi’s latest Compute Module 4. Please contact AVID Technologies for your Raspberry Pi based design inquiries and development needs.

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Renovatio Systems ltd


We are a team that specialises in the development of Embedded System Design, Cloud Software and IOT - Internet of Things. We have many years of experience covering full product lifecycle, this includes engineering as well as engineering management. Our experience encompasses a wide range of platforms, from ultra low power devices to high-performance multicore SoCs with Terraflop performance. Renovatio Systems Ltd has offered cutting edge software services for the past 10 years in a wide range of areas such as embedded software, cloud & enterprise software, Internet of Things and wearables etc. All our services are offered on a turnkey, onsite or offsite basis. During last 10+ years, we have created huge customer base offering our valuable and high-end software services focusing on newly evolved technologies such as IoT, networking, storage, wireless, mobile, security, computing, consumer, etc.

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Blackdevice is a company that develops technological products that provides services of: Hardware design and production, Industrial design, Software and firmware development, UI / UX design, Mechanical design .. We have clients and partners around the world who allow us to meet great challenges and use technology to improve people's lives and create wonderful products. From our laboratory, we help large corporations or small startups to develop their products or technological ideas. We are experts in developing a product from concept to launch. We can carry out a comprehensive development or be your engineering department in the areas you need.


Hallsten Innovations


Hallsten Innovations is a multinational (US & UK), custom technology development company focused on making good ideas into deliverable solutions... custom electronics, solid software, and connectedness (spelled "IoT") are our passions. Our talented team brings diverse skills to your project... electronic, industrial, mechanical design; embedded systems software; wireless communications; mobile app design and development; cloud services; and full life-cycle support (napkin -> prototype -> production -> deployment -> scale -> maintenance). We have a proven track record of delivering RPi & RPi Compute Module based solutions to the world. So, Bring Us Your Napkins (we will be happy to review them for free) and we look forward to earning your solution partner trust.

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Steinhauser & Haider


Steinhauser & Haider is a software development company focusing on custom programed solutions. Besides our general offering in IoT and Automation, we develop responsive and fluid user interfaces running on a raspberry pi. Our background in physics and science is ideal for technologically challenging projects.

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Thotaka Tekhnologies is an Original Design Manufacturer(ODM) of Electronic devices, we provide concept to production services encompassing: hardware design, firmware engineering, industrial design, prototyping, testing, certification, manufacturing and managed IoT cloud deployments. We specialize in offering complete product development and manufacturing for customers seeking to deploy Raspberry Pi computers in their technology solutions. We serve customers in Asia, EMEA, North America, and Oceania.

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Lincoln Binns


Lincoln Binns are a UK based electronic enclosure specialist established in 1985. We have a full range of enclosures and 19” rack solutions that can be modified to suit your application. Modifications include enclosure colour, cut-outs, artworks and company logo’s. We also have experience of designing bent metal enclosures or a new extrusion. We will work with you from concept stage through to full production. Industries that current Raspberry Pi products cover include Audio/Visual, Home Automation, Building & Environmental Monitoring, Smart Factories, POS

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Devtank are a global open source test and measurement company. We provide a number of products and services based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module including our popular test and measurement chassis, the HILTOP. We are experts in design for test and design for volume manufacture, having successfully deployed products and test solutions into telecoms, space, defence and green energy markets. We have a team of electronics and Linux software design experts providing turnkey solutions from product design to automated production lines.

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Platform Kinetics


Platform Kinetics are a technology company, with a focus on scientific instrumentation, imaging, industrial sensors, and automation. As a design partner we can help you develop a prototype or translate your existing prototype into a manufacturable device (and reach the market), including all the steps in between. We have technical expertise in electronics, printed circuit board design, firmware, imaging, optics, python, machine learning, AI, 3D printing, mechanical and machining. We can work to comply and gain international standards, CE, UKCA, including IVD. We also have experience in raising grant funding, patents, IP and marketing, this makes Platform Kinetics your one stop shop design partner.

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