raspivid is the command line tool for capturing video with the camera module.

Basic usage of raspivid

With the camera module connected and enabled, record a video using the following command:

raspivid -o vid.h264

Remember to use -hf and -vf to flip the image if required, like with raspistill

This will save a 5 second video file to the path given here as vid.h264 (default length of time).

Specify length of video

To specify the length of the video taken, pass in the -t flag with a number of milliseconds. For example:

raspivid -o video.h264 -t 10000

This will record 10 seconds of video.

More options

For a full list of possible options, run raspivid with no arguments, or pipe this command through less and scroll through:

raspivid 2>&1 | less

Use the arrow keys to scroll and type q to exit.

Full documentation

Full documentation of the camera can be found at hardware/camera.