vcdbg is an application to help with debugging the VideoCore GPU from Linux running on the the ARM. It needs to be run as root. This application is mostly of use to Raspberry Pi engineers, although there are some commands that general users may find useful.

sudo vcdbg help will give a list of available commands.

Only options of use to end users have been described here.



Shows various items of version information from the VideoCore.


Dumps logs from the specified subsystem. Possible options are:

log Description
msg Prints out the message log
assert Prints out the assertion log
ex Prints out the exception log
info Prints out information from the logging headers
level Sets the VCOS logging level for the specified category, n|e|w|i|t
list List the VCOS logging levels

e.g. To print out the current contents of the message log:

vcdbg log msg


List all memory allocations current in the VideoCore heap.


List the current status of the pool allocator


Without any further parameters, lists the current status of the relocatable allocator. Use sudo vcdbg reloc small to list small allocations as well.

Use the subcommand sudo vcdbg reloc stats to list statistics for the relocatable allocator.


Commands related to task history.

Use sudo vcdbg hist gnuplot to dump task history in gnuplot format to task.gpt and task.dat