Raspberry Pi revision codes

Each distinct Raspberry Pi model revision has a unique revision code. You can look up a Raspberry Pi's revision code by running:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

The last three lines show the hardware type, the revision code, and the Pi's unique serial number. For example:

Hardware    : BCM2835
Revision    : a02082
Serial      : 00000000765fc593

Note: As of the 4.9 kernel, all Pis report BCM2835, even those with BCM2836, BCM2837 and BCM2711 processors. You should not use this string to detect the processor. Decode the revision code using the information below, or cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model

Old-style revision codes

The first set of Raspberry Pi models were given sequential hex revision codes from 0002 to 0015:

Code Model Revision RAM Manufacturer
0002 B 1.0 256MB Egoman
0003 B 1.0 256MB Egoman
0004 B 2.0 256MB Sony UK
0005 B 2.0 256MB Qisda
0006 B 2.0 256MB Egoman
0007 A 2.0 256MB Egoman
0008 A 2.0 256MB Sony UK
0009 A 2.0 256MB Qisda
000d B 2.0 512MB Egoman
000e B 2.0 512MB Sony UK
000f B 2.0 512MB Egoman
0010 B+ 1.2 512MB Sony UK
0011 CM1 1.0 512MB Sony UK
0012 A+ 1.1 256MB Sony UK
0013 B+ 1.2 512MB Embest
0014 CM1 1.0 512MB Embest
0015 A+ 1.1 256MB/512MB Embest

New-style revision codes

With the launch of the Raspberry Pi 2, new-style revision codes were introduced. Rather than being sequential, each bit of the hex code represents a piece of information about the revision:

Part Represents Options
N Overvoltage 0: Overvoltage allowed
1: Overvoltage disallowed
O OTP Program1 0: OTP programming allowed
1: OTP programming disallowed
Q OTP Read1 0: OTP reading allowed
1: OTP reading disallowed
uuu Unused Unused
W Warranty bit 0: Warranty is intact
1: Warranty has been voided by overclocking
u Unused Unused
F New flag 1: new-style revision
0: old-style revision
MMM Memory size 0: 256MB
1: 512MB
2: 1GB
3: 2GB
4: 4GB
5: 8GB
CCCC Manufacturer 0: Sony UK
1: Egoman
2: Embest
3: Sony Japan
4: Embest
5: Stadium
PPPP Processor 0: BCM2835
1: BCM2836
2: BCM2837
3: BCM2711
1: B
2: A+
3: B+
4: 2B
5: Alpha (early prototype)
6: CM1
8: 3B
9: Zero
a: CM3
c: Zero W
d: 3B+
e: 3A+
f: Internal use only
10: CM3+
11: 4B
13: 400
14: CM4
RRRR Revision 0, 1, 2, etc.

1 Information on programming the OTP bits can be found here and here.

New-style revision codes in use:

Code Model Revision RAM Manufacturer
900021 A+ 1.1 512MB Sony UK
900032 B+ 1.2 512MB Sony UK
900092 Zero 1.2 512MB Sony UK
900093 Zero 1.3 512MB Sony UK
9000c1 Zero W 1.1 512MB Sony UK
9020e0 3A+ 1.0 512MB Sony UK
920092 Zero 1.2 512MB Embest
920093 Zero 1.3 512MB Embest
900061 CM 1.1 512MB Sony UK
a01040 2B 1.0 1GB Sony UK
a01041 2B 1.1 1GB Sony UK
a02082 3B 1.2 1GB Sony UK
a020a0 CM3 1.0 1GB Sony UK
a020d3 3B+ 1.3 1GB Sony UK
a02042 2B (with BCM2837) 1.2 1GB Sony UK
a21041 2B 1.1 1GB Embest
a22042 2B (with BCM2837) 1.2 1GB Embest
a22082 3B 1.2 1GB Embest
a220a0 CM3 1.0 1GB Embest
a32082 3B 1.2 1GB Sony Japan
a52082 3B 1.2 1GB Stadium
a22083 3B 1.3 1GB Embest
a02100 CM3+ 1.0 1GB Sony UK
a03111 4B 1.1 1GB Sony UK
b03111 4B 1.1 2GB Sony UK
b03112 4B 1.2 2GB Sony UK
b03114 4B 1.4 2GB Sony UK
c03111 4B 1.1 4GB Sony UK
c03112 4B 1.2 4GB Sony UK
c03114 4B 1.4 4GB Sony UK
d03114 4B 1.4 8GB Sony UK
c03130 Pi 400 1.0 4GB Sony UK