USB device boot mode

The following devices can boot using USB device boot mode:

  • Pi Compute Module
  • Pi Compute Module 3
  • Pi Zero
  • Pi Zero W
  • Pi A
  • Pi A+
  • Pi 3A+

When this boot mode is activated (usually after a failure to boot from the SD card), the Raspberry Pi puts its USB port into device mode and awaits a USB reset from the host. Example code showing how the host needs to talk to the Pi can be found here.

The host first sends a structure to the device down control endpoint 0. This contains the size and signature for the boot (security is not enabled so no signature is required). Secondly, code is transmitted down endpoint 1 (bootcode.bin). Finally, the device will reply with a success code of:

  • 0 - Success
  • 0x80 - Failed