Pi4 Bootflow

The Pi4 with the BCM2711 SoC has a new, more sophisticated boot process. The addition of an EEPROM means that the bootcode.bin file found in /boot is no longer required. Details of the EEPROM can be found here.

The boot flow for the Pi4 is as follows:

  • BCM2711 SoC powers up
  • On board bootrom checks for bootloader recovery file (recovery.bin) on the SD card. If found, it executes it to flash the EEPROM and recovery.bin triggers a reset.
  • Otherwise, the bootrom loads the main bootloader from the EEPROM.
  • Bootloader checks it's inbuilt BOOT_ORDER configuration item to determine what type of boot to do.
    • SD Card
    • Network
    • USB mass storage

SD Card Boot

The bootloader loads the files in the boot folder according to the boot options in config.txt

Network boot

Details of the network booting can be found here

USB mass storage boot

USB booting is still under development.


The BOOT_ORDER configuration item is embedded inside the bootloader code in the EEPROM. See the Pi4 Bootloader Configuration page for details on how to change the bootloader configuration.