Miscellaneous options in config.txt


The warning symbols can be disabled using this option, although this is not advised.

avoid_warnings=1 disables the warning overlays. avoid_warnings=2 disables the warning overlays, but additionally allows turbo mode even when low-voltage is present.


Sets the VideoCore logging level. The value is a VideoCore-specific bitmask.


Causes the content of the specified file to be inserted into the current file.

For example, adding the line include extraconfig.txt to config.txt will include the content of extraconfig.txt file in the config.txt file.

Include directives are not supported by bootcode.bin or the EEPROM bootloader


This command is now deprecated and has no effect. Originally certain models of Raspberry Pi limited the USB ports to a maximum of 600mA. Setting max_usb_current=1 changed this default to 1200mA. However, all firmware now has this flag set by default, so it is no longer necessary to use this option.