Zelda casemod with levitating Triforce

I know: you’ve seen a bajillion RetroPie implementations before, and a bajillion casemods to go with them. But this one’s so hopelessly, magnificently splendid that we felt we had to share. Magnetic levitation. It’s not just for trains and frogs.

This Zelda casemod, covered with engraved pine from the forests of Hyrule and shiny brass mouldings hammered by…dwarves or something, would be gorgeous as-is. The levitating, mirrored Triforce twizzling away on top is the icing on the cake; and a very lovely cake it is too. Here’s some video (in Spanish, with English subtitles) from Tuberviejuner in Spain, walking you through the build.

Raspberry pi Zelda mod: MagicBerry WindWaker by Makomod & Tuberviejuner.

Raspberry pi Zelda mod: Magic Berry WindWaker The Legend of Zelda by Makomod & Tuberviejuner alucinad con el triforce levitador.

This magical piece of work is by MakoMod, a case modder who splits his time between Barcelona and Texas. There’s a Pi inside running RetroPie, and a separate electromagnetic device levitating the Triforce up top. If you’re interested in incorporating something like this into one of your own builds, there are two ways to go: make your own from scratch, as DrewPaul Designs has done here, or buy a pre-built kit.

If you get in there quickly, you’ve a chance to own this one-off case: MakoMod is auctioning it on eBay. You’ve got until July 14 2018 to bid – good luck!



I think that auction is going to end up very expensive! What a lovely build. I wish I had the patience for making things like this. My own hacks are always much more functional and not very pretty!


Ha – I know what you mean! My RetroPie Pi doesn’t even have a case – it’s just sitting there bare and dusty behind the TV, with wires sticking out of it.


I couldn’t bring myself to read past the ‘dwarves or something’. Any fan of Zelda or link would know that Gorons would be your ‘or something’. Big old gorons, swinging hammers. I mean in the games it was just that giant Goron that upgraded your stuff but still. They’re the ones in the mountains :)


Ok, ok, good point. (I was a Sega kid. If this was a discussion of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe I’d be killing it.)


To be fair, in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past, which is the game pictured that he’s playing, it is dwarves with hammers that upgrade your sword. Soooo. You happened to be right.


Welcome back.
You’ve been missed


Thank you! It’s quite the adjustment after a year of nappies and bottles, but it’s very nice to be back (part-time!) – I’ve really missed everybody.

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