Wifi radio

So here I am in the back row of an auditorium in Columbia, SC, rudely blogging away while Eben gives a talk. We’ve got about fifty people in the room here at IT-ology, around half and half students and professionals (not a bad turnout at all, considering that this is the middle of a work day).

Last night at the Charlotte Hackerspace (which, if you’re even slightly local, you should visit immediately; it’s a great space filled with some brilliant people and an intoxicating odour of 3d printing), several of the people attending brought their Raspberry Pi projects to show us. We also met a few super-enthusiastic kids, the youngest of whom was a half-naked, nine-month-old hacker. Some of the projects were unfinished; there are two synthesiser projects in particular which I’m really hoping to hear more about. Red and Pierre, please let us know how you get on as you continue work on them. I also met Contractor Wolf, his Adafruit Cobbler, a nice little battery you can use to charge a micro USB device which he found at Radioshack (his Pi runs for a couple of hours on it), and a swanky little Raspberry Pi radio.

Wolf was completely new to Linux when he came to this project, and he used the MightyOhm‘s wifi radio instructions as guidance, then built on the initial idea. He’s ended up with a headless wireless radio he can SSH into from his phone or another computer, and we thought you might like to have a look too if you’re hunting around for something new to do with your Raspberry Pi. He’s got plenty of instructions on his blog: have at it!