Where’s Wally? Find him faster with Wolfram Language

If you ever want to get back at your sibling for some minor wrongdoing, there is no better way than to borrow all of their “Where’s Wally”** books and use a big red marker pen to give him speech bubbles shouting, “Here I am! Over here!” On every single page. But be prepared for war.

(**He might be called “Waldo” where you live. But we all know he’s a Wally at heart.)


If all of this sounds like too much work there are several tricks to track down the pesky little chap faster than random searching.

Vitaliy Kaurov on the Wolfram blog looks at how to find Wally faster using Wolfram Language and explores the travelling salesman problem, path-finding algorithms and Picasso on the way.

Waldo plot path

And if all of that maths on a Friday afternoon has encouraged you to explore Wolfram Language further then fire up your Raspberry Pi and have a play!