Where have you been, Liz?

Huge apologies for going quiet on you. Eben and I have been on a skiing holiday, but I managed to fall and twist my knee quite badly in the middle of last week. Eben is a sweetheart and curtailed the holiday to take me down the hill to spend a few days in a rented cabin where I could do a bit more than stare forlornly at snow, drinking tequila, while everybody else had fun on skis.

That cabin didn’t have any internet. (Which was great, actually, but clearly has raised some worries among some of you.) I didn’t know about it beforehand so wasn’t able to warn you – have to say, I heartily recommend going offline for a few days. We cooked steaks over a camp fire, did lots of stuff you’d probably find endlessly tedious like birdwatching from the cabin window, and I got to complain about my knee a lot.

Anyway, I’m back in the land of the connected now, and I’ve got a Q&A with Pete to post a little later on when I can hunt down a power cable for my laptop. Houpla! More to come later this afternoon (California time).

It’s my birthday, so please be nice in the comments.