Where do they make balloons?

Update: First aerial pictures are coming back from CLOUDY now. See below.

Today’s a big day for amateur high-altitude ballooning. Starting with a launch from OxfordshireBerkshire around 1100 UTC, Friends of Pi Dave Akerman and Anthony Stirk will be dropping tracked paper planes SLEET and SNOW over the low countries and Pi-based payload CLOUDY over Poland, before continuing eastwards as WANNAB1. As always, the Pi in CLOUDY will be transmitting slow-scan digital video (SSDV) footage for your viewing pleasure.

All the places Dave and Anthony will be visiting today

Follow along here:

The Earth from (not quite) space, taken from CLOUDY’s Raspberry Pi a few minutes ago.

Today also sees non-Pi flights XABEN 62 and Atlas 6 out of Suffolk, UK and SEBA-6 (Stratosferyczny Eksperymentalny Balon Amatorski – even my Polish is up to that one) out of Gliwice, Silesia, Poland. Judging by the live map SEBA-6 is already aloft, at 7km and climbing. More info on all these flights here. If you want to see more Raspberry Pi High Altitude Ballooning (HAB)…jinks, including Babbage Bear’s record-breaking high jump, check out the other posts under the HAB tag.