Wheels and a sandwich

If you’re at tomorrow’s PiWars robotics Jam in Cambridge, you’ll meet this little fellow, built by Gert from an A+, with a trailer constructed from a Compute Module baseboard PCB that nobody was using. He made it with a specific purpose in mind: to deliver jam sandwiches to me from the other side of the office.

Why, you ask? When we were developing the Raspberry Pi back in 2011, a regular class of comment in these parts was: “Why doesn’t it have a quad-core processor/a Gigabyte of RAM/more USB ports etc etc?”

The canonical response was: “And wheels and a sandwich?”

It’s nice to see that Gert treats my bad-tempered expostulations as prophecy.

Wheels and a sandwich

We’re calling him TOAST•E. Come and meet him at PiWars tomorrow!