What do you really think of the Raspberry Pi?

Update 16 November 2012 The survey has now finished. There will be more news on this soon. Thanks to everyone who took part.


A team of MBA students from the Cambridge Judge Business School is researching the public perception of the Raspberry Pi and have a set up a surveyto help understand what both users and non-users think of it.

We get loads of informal feedback about the Raspberry Pi and it would be fascinating–and useful–to get a more structured opinion. The survey is anonymous and only takes a few minutes (literally–I’ve just completed it myself), so if you’d like to tell the team what you really think of the Raspberry Pi and what you are using it for (or not!) then please wander over and get clicking. Thanks!

Update 1700 GMT.  The MBA team have been in touch and asked me to thank everyone who has taken the time to complete the survey: I’m told that the response has been the fantastic. The team do appreciate that the survey isn’t perfect and that they don’t have the technical expertise that many of you have, but they are working to a very tight deadline so I’m personally going to give them a little slack! The lack of open questions and a comment section, in particular, was intentional because it takes much longer to analyse such data, time they do not have. The survey is still ongoing if you’ve not completed it yet.

From a personal point of view, the Raspberry Pi is lucky to have such an experienced, active and vocal community, so thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far!