We’ve got offices!

You probably didn’t realise this, but up until now, we haven’t had an office to work from. We’ve been completely virtual: I work from the study at home, we’ve got some space at the University Computer Laboratory in Cambridge which we use for meetings with visitors, there’s a small electronics lab in our house, Jack deals with paperwork from an office in his house, we borrow space at St John’s College for board meetings…it’s not a very efficient way to run a million-unit computer company.

Now we’ve started taking on our first employees, it’s really not a tenable way to do things any more, so Rob Bishop (evangelist and developer), Gordon Hollingworth (GSH on the forums) and James Adams (software and hardware chaps respectively) have been moving into our new office in the centre of Cambridge this week. Clive Beale, Eben and I will be joining them when Clive’s teaching contract is up at the end of the month, and when Eben and I get back from a series of meetings in the US.

We finally have something to keep Rob in. (The chap on the right is from the removals company, and not a Pi person.)

Rob and James Adams survey the mess. Rather them than me; there’s nothing worse in the world than the sound of squeaky polystyrene. Gordon’s behind the camera.

We’ll be decorating soon, but it’s already a fully functional office (we’ve got an entry phone and everything), and best of all, it’s only a few hundred yards from the pub. It’s leafy, it’s central and I’m really looking forward to moving in next week!